Primordial Crops by abused_master

Primordial Crops is an invisionment of the mod you all know and loved from 1.7.10

You are able to go mining to find the ore, that starts it all, use that to create new tiers of Infusion Stones, and Essence to continue

with creating Crops.

Create The Crops to your choosing and earn unlimited resources, create a whole farm to gain more quickly, or create a small one, but effective!

Some Main Crops are(and there are much much more than these in the mod):

Diamond Crop, Gold Crop, Iron Crop, Nether Crop, Earth Crop, Blaze Crop, Obsidian Crop, and even Modded Support! Currently:

Copper Crop, Tin Crop, Silver Crop, and Lead Crop!

More To be added soon!


There is also Harvest on Right Click, so no more breaking the Crop to gain items!

There will be many more Crops added in the future, and here are some planned features also:

Planned to Add:

More mod support,

Decoration Blocks,

More Vanilla Crops,




Food Crops,

Nerf’s will be added to things that are found to be a little too OP


You are free to use this Mod in your Modpacks, do not msg me and ask, you will be ignored

You are free to do anything you like with this mod as long as your are following the license