PSIonic Upgrades by yrsegal

PSIonic Upgrades is an addon to Psi, a mod made by the awesome Vazkii. Psi allows you to create spells with logical thinking, and PSIonic Upgrades gives you the tools to do a few more fun things with it.


The features here won’t make sense until you play around with Psi, so I recommend you do that!

Feature List

Spell Pieces

  • Conjure Pulsar tricks – They act like regular Conjure tricks, but they emit redstone. They require more potency.
  • Conjure Star – Conjures a light that emits a ray of particles along a given vector.
  • Particle Trail – A potency-only trick to visually display something.
  • Strong Raycasts – Raycasts that ignore nonsolids.
  • Vector Fallback – If the given vector is of length 0 or null, it returns a given fallback vector, and otherwise passes on the original vector.
  • Vector Rotate – Rotate a vector around another vector by an angle.
  • With Botania:
    • Pulse Tricks – Tricks which emulate the Drums of the Wild, Canopy, and Gathering
    • Form Burst – Make a mana burst


  • Wide-Band Socket – A socket with full bandwidth for early game, but only a single socket.
  • Inline Caster – A spellcaster with a single slot for a bullet, and an empty slot.
  • Spell Magazine – A spell storage, with variable storage and max easy bandwidth based on the socket used to craft it.
  • Liquid-Ink colorizer – Dyeable!
  • The CAD Case – Stores one CAD and one other spell holder.
  • The Flowsuits – Aesthetically upgraded versions of the Exosuit.
  • Flash Ring – A porta-programmer with more cost and more cooldown for using it.
  • With Botania:
    • Blaster CAD Assembly – An assembly which can fire off Mana tricks. Attach a Lens Clip or lenses. It can only fire off the Gathering Pulse if it has a clip attached.


  • /psi-unlearn and /psi-learn commands
  • JEI compat for recipes of things spells craft
  • Colored Flow Plates