QuantumFlux by jotato

QuantumFlux is a Forge mod for Minecraft that focuses on adding ways to generate, store, and transport RF power wirelessly.  There are a couple of ways to generate and store RF, but the core of the mod is wireless transmission of power…oh, and an awesome looking set of armor


If you have questions for found bugs, let me know via the forum post


For a more complete list of stuff, see the wiki, but if you just want a general idea of what this mod provides:

  • Zero Point Extractor: A way to extract energy from the Void itself
  • Quantum Entropy Accelerator: An efficient and clean early game way to make power
  • Quibit Clusters: Store RF internally to be used later
  • Quantum RF Entangler: Tap into the all permeating Redflux Field to store energy to be accessed wirelessly from anywhere
  • Quantum RF Exciter: Used in conjunction with the Quantum RF Entangler to move RF wirelessly over vast distances
  • Quibit Cell: When activated (sneak+right click) it will charge any item in your inventory that is powered by RF


Depends on CoFH Lib 


Modpack Distribution

Sure, please link back to here though. A link to my patreon would be appriciated. Just don’t be a jerk, make claims you can’t back, or sell mod items on your server.


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