Random Machines and More by MrHubbard

All Blocks in Mod / Credit: Mr. Hubbard

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Random Machines for Minecraft 1.8 adds various machinery, ores, ingots and more.
The mod introduces three tiered machines, basic, intermediate and advanced. all for the
Grinders and Smelters.

Spoiler for ogs

Wood Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Stone Rod / Credit: MrHubbard

Stone Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Iron Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Gold Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Diamond Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Reinforced Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Copper Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Tin Cog / Credit: MrHubbard

Silver Cog / Credit: MrHubbard


This mod also adds various ores and gems to the game (Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire) as well as two new
sets of armor. Ruby and and Emeralds. Ruby generates like emerald, except it spawns in all biomes not just
extreme hills. Copper, Tin, Lead and silver are some of the other ores added to the game. These
can be smelted into ingots in the smelters, or grinded into dust in the grinders.

Spoiler for ower

Electrofied Fueler / Credit: MrHubbard


All the machines require a source of power, which comes from an item call electrified Fuel.
Electrified fuel is made from a machine called an electrified fueler. You place a gold ingot into
the left slot, and block of redstone into the right slot and it converts them into two electrified fuel.

Spoiler for rinders

Basic Grinder / Credit: MrHubbard

Intermediate Grinder / Credit: MrHubbard

Advanced Grinder / Credit: MrHubbard

Spoiler for melters

Basic Smelter / Credit: MrHubbard

Intermediate Smelter / Credit: MrHubbard

Advanced Smelter / Credit: MrHubbard





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