Random Things by Lumien


Random Things is a collection of features that Lumien wanted to share with the community. The mod has no central topic and the blocks and items were not explicitly designed to work with each other. However, they do work well with other mods and that is where they shine. By combining this mod with other mods you can easily do some thing complicated things easier.

As an example, you can have the redstone activator loaded with sticks and placed against a sieve from ex nihilo and it can repeatedly hit the sieve while the iron dropper loads material into the sieve. Another activator could be trying to hit the sieve with meshes to facilitate auto reloading of the mesh and then you can have a hopper under the sieve the gather materials.


Analog EmitterBiome BlocksBiome RadarBlock of SticksChat DetectorColored GrassContact Button & LeverCustom Crafting TablesDyeing MachineEnder BridgeEntity DetectorFertilized DirtFluid DisplayIgniterImbuing StationIron DropperItem CollectorLapis GlassLapis LampLight RedirectorOnline DetectorPlatformsPlayer InterfacePotion VaporizerQuartz GlassQuartz LampRain ShieldRainbow LampRedstone InterfaceRedstone ObserverStained Bricks.


BeansEctoplasmEnder LetterEntity FilterGolden CompassImbuesItem FilterLava CharmLava WadersMagic HoodObsidian SkullObsidian Water Walking BootsObsidian Water Walking BootsRedstone ActivatorRedstone RemoteSpectre AnchorSpectre KeySpectre SwordStable Ender PearlSummoning PendulumWater Walking Boots.


Artificial End Portal



The Wiki contains the content of the 1.10 version, the 1.7.10 is not getting updates anymore, please don’t create issues about it on github.


Drop the downloaded .jar File in your mods folder.

Mod Packs

You can add Random Things to any mod pack you want.

Bug Reporting

Please report bugs on my github issue tracker

Source Code

You can look at the source code on my github , feel free to contribute.