Rarmor – The electrical Armor by canitzp

Rarmor is a mod that, as the most crucial part, adds an armor that runs on Redstone Flux (RF). Also, there are two chainsaws that can instantly chop down a tree.

The armor, called ‘Rarmor’ (RF+Armor), has a lager inventory, an integrated workbench and also a portable furnace. It can be upgraded with modules like a generator or solar module to generate energy. Other modules are one with which you can fly, ones with which you can load and unload RF containing items and lots more! And the amount of modules is getting bigger and bigger with each update!

The mod also allows you to display which blocks and entities you are looking at. The armor is colorable with pre-determined colors, however, if you want the amount of colors to be expanded, just send me a hex code of your choice!


To report bugs please use GitHub or Discord https://discord.gg/010Tj1w02RsgjDg6z


Thanks to Xogue for this awesome spotlight:


Rarmor Inventory with Generator module

The Settings Tab

An extra feature is the In-World Tooltips: if you enable it you’ll get extra information about Blocks and Entities.

Looking at Blocks

If you have a Tank or a different Block that contains Fluids or Energy you also get special information about them. (Here I used the Blocks from ActuallyAdditions)

Looking at a TileEntity with IFluidHandler and IEnergyReciver

If you need some Recipes use JEI (Just enough Items)



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