RebornCore by modmuss50 & Gigabit101



RebornCore is a core library mod used in TechReborn and other mods. It allows us to ship less duplicate class files, keeping ram usage and bugs to a minimum.


It includes helper classes for:

  • Fuel power allows us to add power values to fuel
  • Custom tool tip api, allows us to easily add tooltips to walia and the item stack.
  • Custom slots, allows use to have custom slots. E.g that only allow the player to remove items
  • In world multi block placer helper, allows the player to see the shape of a multi block in world
  • Connected texture generator, allows us to generate connected textures at runtime.

It also includes Jtraits by @Amadornes

JTraits allows us to easily support multiple energy api (EU and RF)in a clean and organised manner.


This mod does nothing on its own, it is just a set of classes that we use.


Mods that use RebornCore



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