Recycler by Corail31 & MrRiegel

“Recycler” is a recycling table that allows to recycle most objects (also damaged items).

The recipes are completely configurable in a json file. (it’s not only the reverse of the crafting table result !)

The mod is server friendly and has translations for english and french.

For new release, you need to delete the recyclingRecipes.json in your config folder, to allow the mod to recreate this file with the new recipes.

Release 1.2.0 changes :

  • new soft interface
  • sounds about working state
  • block recycler animation when working
  • auto recycle
  • hopper and chest in input and output
  • auto fill input slots (with hopper or shift click item)

To start :

with the crafting table :

– craft the recycler :

Corail Recycler : craft the recycler

– craft diamond to  9 diamond nuggets

Corail Recycler : diamond nugget

– craft a diamond disk

Corail Recycler : craft the diamond disk

put the disk in the second slot on the left top in the recycler (will be used with recycling actions)

put item to recycle in the first slot on the left top

click “Recycle”

Corail Recycler : GUI

NB : the recycle button recycles all the stack in one time 😉

You can use hopper and chest for automatic recycle :

Corail Recycler : auto recycle

Details of the mod :

New item :

* Iron Nugget

* Diamond Nugget

* Diamond Disk

New block :

* Recycler

Changes :

* recycle damaged items (in nugget)

* damage a diamond disk in the recycler

New crafting recipes :

* Nugget to Ingot

* Ingot to Nugget

* 4 Podzol (2 dirt and 2 sand in cross)

* 4 Clay Ball (2 granite and 2 sand in cross)

* 1 Cobweb (5 string in cross)

* Chainmail (iron ingot and iron bar)

* Recycleur (3 stone 3 iron ingot 3 stone)

* Diamond disk (4 diamond nugget around an iron ingot)

New Recycling Recipes :

* a lot of recipes configurable in the recyclingRecipes.json in your config folder 😉

Feel free to contact me to correct any problems. (i prefer in french 😉 )

NB: The mod requires forge