Refined Storage by raoulvdberge & GustoniaEagle

Refined Storage is an Applied Energistics style mod for Minecraft 1.9. Refined Storage gives players access to all their items at once. These items are stored safely in one of the many storage capabilities the mod offers.

NOTE: these textures are temporary, new ones should be introduced in the next few updates 🙂

Spoiler for ecommended mods to use with this mod

This mod is not meant to be played standalone.

Following mods are recommended:

  • JustEnoughItems (JEI) for recipes
  • A mod that generates RF, because every Refined Storage system needs RF power


Spoiler for he controller

The block every Refined Storage system will need is a Controller. It is the heart of the system. It requires RF to function (there is a creative version of this block that contains infinite energy). Warning: don’t connect 2 Controllers on the same network, bad stuff will happen ;-).

Spoiler for able

To connect various machines together to form a system, you have to use cables.

Spoiler for rid and Crafting Grid

These 2 blocks give the player access to their items. The only difference is that with the Crafting Grid, crafting can be done at the same time.

Spoiler for rive

In the Drive the player can store 9 Storage Cells. On the Storage Cell the items are stored. A priority can be set here for all the Storage Cells in the Drive.

Spoiler for torage Blocks

These are similar to Storage Cells, but can be placed in the world as blocks. Priority can be set here too. Storage Blocks also have the unique ability to whitelist or blacklist certain kinds of items.

Spoiler for xternal Storage

This block acts similar to Storage Blocks and Storage Cells in the Drive.

The system will use the items from an inventory in front of the block instead.

Spoiler for onstructor

This turns blocks from your system to real blocks in the world.

Spoiler for estructor

This destroys blocks in front and puts them in the system.

Spoiler for etector

The Detector emits a redstone signal if a certain chosen block or item is above, under, or on the specified amount in the system.

Spoiler for mporter

This block imports items from an inventory into the system.

The player can select a whitelist or blacklist and choose to compare on NBT and/ or damage.

Spoiler for xporter

This block exports items from the system into an inventory.

The player can select a whitelist or blacklist and choose to compare on NBT and/ or damage.

Spoiler for ireless Transmitter

To access your system anywhere (in a certain range) one can make a Wireless Transmitter.

The player binds a Wireless Grid to the transmitter and can then reach the system anywhere.

The transmitter needs Ender Pearls to function though.

Spoiler for olderer

This block is used to craft certain items in the mod. It has to be connected to a network.

Use of JustEnoughItems (JEI) to see the recipes is strongly recommended.

Spoiler for elay

This block acts as a cable, but, can be used disabled or enabled with a redstone signal. If it’s disabled, all the machines after the Relay are disconnected.

Spoiler for nterface

This block accepts items via any input (pipes, hoppers) and puts them in the system.

It can also keep a chosen item (with amount) available at all times in it’s internal inventory.

Its input (import) sides are all sides but not the bottom side.

On the bottom side, all the exported items can be accessed.

Spoiler for uggestions, ideas, found bugs?

Please share your thoughts about the mod in the comments.

If you found a bug, please make a ticket on the issue tracker.