Repose by delvr

this mod introduces walkable slopes and more to Minecraft. This means you can now walk up gentle slopes of grass, sand etc. without continually jumping. This works by making granular blocks* act as stairs, whose shape varies according to the elevation of neighboring blocks. Visually, these blocks are still the same cubes as before. A config option allows the same behavior for “natural” stone such as that found in caves.

Additionally, soil is affected by gravity (falls down when unsupported) and will spread sideways into piles when landing or freshly placed. This makes creating slopes easier, but it also makes early-game shelters more challenging. Fine-grained sediments such as sand and gravel can also spread as a response to nearby block changes, and so hitting a sand wall can cause a significant collapse. Config options allow control over this falling/spreading behavior.

*Granular blocks include: Dirt, Grass, Mycelium, Farmland, Clay, Sand, Gravel, Sand, Soul Sand and Snow.

Here is a short video demonstration:

Please let me know what you think of this mod, and any bug reports or suggestions you may have. And if you feel like supporting further mod goodies through Paypal or Patreon I’ll be forever grateful. Thanks and enjoy the mod!