Rockhounding Mod by GlobbyPotato

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This is a decorative mod aiming to enhance exploration and cave mining to discover new resources.
It spawns in the world several minerals and rocks, depicted with their typical look, to obtain material for decorating and building purposes. It also adds extra ores for some side projects. The mod slightly covers different paths, from chemistry to metallurgy and gemology, with functional features or simply experiments. The mod includes machines to process the material into blocks, items and tools, trying to follow a logical working chain disclosing features.

Some features are still open, pending additions and completion. Suggestions to improve welcome.
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@v3.0+ MOD TREE
The mod is divided in sections covering the different paths. Each one can be disabled without interferring with the rest of the mod. Only Building Block is active by default. There are also sub-sections which can be enabled only if their parent section is enabled as well.

Main Paths:
Building Blocks
Ore Tiers