Schematica (CLIENT SIDE) by Lunatrius

One of Schematica’s guis / Credit: Lunatrius


It allows you to display a hologram, loaded from a schematic file, for easier rebuilding. You can also save your creations to schematic files and share them.

If you also have printer mode enabled, the schematic will take the materials from your personal inventory and place them into world over the selection. 

Compared to Builders’ Wands this is actually a superior way to go!



The config can be edited manually outside the game, but the preferred way to edit it is via the in-game config editor. You can use the editor my going to the main menu, clicking the Modsbutton, selecting Schematica and then clicking Config. All of the available options have tooltips with description.

Key Bindings

By default only 3 key bindings are bound. All of the extra key bindings can be bound in the same place as any other Minecraft key binding.

Key Binding Purpose
NUM_DIVIDE (/) Load schematic GUI.
NUM_MULTIPLY (*) Save schematic GUI.
NUM_SUBTRACT (-) Control loaded schematic GUI.


/schematicaSave <fromX> <fromY> <fromZ> <toX> <toY> <toZ> <filename>

Saves the region between the fromXYZ and toXYZ points to filename.

/schematicaList [page]

Display a list of all schematics inside the player’s folder.

/schematicaRemove <filename> [hash]

Deletes a schematic from the player’s folder. This is an internal command and you shouldn’t have to use it manually.

/schematicaDownload <filename>

Download a schematic from the remote server. This is a server only command and will not be available in single player.

Simple Block Codes

What are Simple Block Codes (SBC)? They allow server owners to disable a mod or parts of the mod by sending them to the client in the first 20 messages the player receives.

Schematica uses the following format for all SBC: §0§2<module>§e§f

Important Note

Support for Simple Block Codes has been removed in Minecraft 1.8.8. Please use the SchematicaPlugin for BungeeCord instead.

Available SBC

Code Description
§0§2§0§0§e§f Disable printer functionality.
§0§2§1§0§e§f Disable save schematic functionality.
§0§2§1§1§e§f Disable load schematic functionality.


Saving Schematic Files

To save a schematic file you’ll first have to define a region. The easiest way to define a region is to use the GUI that you can see above. Clicking either of the red or blue point buttons will bring that specific point to the player, aligned diagonally at the feet level. Points can be made visible by clicking the OFF button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To fine tune the location of the points you can use the controls bellow the buttons. If you know the exact coordinates you may even input those directly into the controls.

Once you’re happy with the choice you can name your schematic file and hit that Save button. If you’d like to add an icon to your schematic file you can add <blockname>; or <blockname>,<metadata>; before the filename. Bellow is a few examples:

  • minecraft:enchanting_table;enchanting room
    • filename: enchanting room
    • icon: enchanting table
  • minecraft:log,1;tree farm
    • filename: tree farm
    • icon: spruce wood log

Alternatively you can use the /schematicaSave command to save the schematic on the server-side (only works in SP and if the server has the mod installed). The main advantage of saving a schematic via the command is that all inventories and other tile entities will be saved with their contents. That data is lost on the client side.

Loading Schematic Files

In the loading GUI you’re able to browse previously saved or downloaded schematics. You can sort your schematics into folders to keep the organized. Folders will always display a water or lava bucket icon and the folder name will always end with a forward slash (/).

Loading a schematic into the world is as simple as selecting it from the list and clicking Done. If you wish to close the GUI without lading a schematic you can press the escape key to do so.

Highlight Colors

  • No color: real and ghost blocks match
  • Blue: normal schematic block
  • Red: real block ID and schematic block ID do not match
  • Orange: real block meta and schematic block meta do not match
  • Purple: schematic block is an air block

Controlling a loaded Schematic

The control GUI has a few things you can control and view.

Moving the schematic

The schematic can be moved with the buttons on the middle of the screen. You can even input the exact coordinates by manually typing them in.

Hiding, moving, rotating

The bottom right corner of the screen allows you to hide/show the schematic and/or move it to your player. The rotation button will rotate the schematic along the Y axis in a clockwise pattern when looking down.


The printer is the only way to place the blocks into the world somewhat automatically. It still requires some player interaction, but the blocks will be automatically placed in a 3 block radius around the player.


The layer control allows you to switch between layer and complete mode. When in layer mode you can switch the layer using the control just bellow the toggle button or with key bindings (they are not bound by default!).


by clicking the Materials button a new GUI will pop up that will show all the required materials to build the now loaded schematic. If you’re in layer mode only the blocks on the currently selected layer will be displayed.

In 1.8 the ability to sort and export the material list was added. The list is exported into the .minecraft/dumps/ directory.


java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.getMinecraft()Lnet/minecraft/client/Minecraft

You have downloaded the wrong file. You have to download the file that has -universal, -clientor -server in the filename.

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method … from class …

There are a few options.

  1. [1.7.10] You might be using an outdated Forge version. Update to at least 1185 (preferably recommended/latest).
  2. Your mod file has the wrong file extension. Sometimes some browsers download mods files and randomly append .zip to the original filename, resulting in a extension. The filename must end in .jar only!
    Note: you can use this mod to automatically fix the files.
  3. Magic Launcher. FML only reads the FMLAT attribute from files inside the mods folder or mods passed in through the --mods argument. Either move the mod into the mods folder or switch to a different launcher.
  4. You extracted the jar file. Re-download the mod and drop it into the mods folder without extracting it.

java.lang.ClassCastException: net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagString cannot be cast to net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagShort

The schematic you’re trying to use has been saved in Minecraft 1.7+ and can’t be loaded in Minecraft 1.6.4 or earlier.

[1.8+] My loaded schematic doesn’t display blocks!

Try removing render related mods (Optifine, shaders etc) and/or try turning VBOs on or off.

[1.8+] My loaded schematic looks weird!

Happens on AMD/ATI graphics cards due to a bug in the drivers. Updating your drivers might fix the issue, otherwise try the following solutions:

  • Reduce the schematic render distance in the Schematica config.
  • Reduce the global render distance in the options.
  • Turn on VBOs in the options.

[1.8+] The printer keep misplacing blocks!

This happens because you have turned off the “Place Adjacent Only” option. Forge fixed a vanilla bug, causing inconsistencies between Forge and vanilla, which is why this will work on vanilla servers, but not on Forge servers and SP. The only fix is to enable “Place Adjacent Only”.

Where can I find/share schematics?

When will you update for X.Y.Z?

  1. When MinecraftForge for X.Y.Z is out.
  2. When I’ll have enough time to finish the update in a decent time frame.

Just be patient and wait. Some updates are easy, some are hard. The time required to update greatly depends on that. Just remember: each minute I have to spend reading “when will you update for X.Y.Z” is possibly a wasted minute that could be spent on the update itself.



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