Simple Grinder by Rumaruka

If you do not want to install a large mods for the multiplication of ores or If you want to learn just vanilla but do not want to lose the resources that my mod for you.It adds only 1 block that will allow you to multiply the ore. Grinder works on any combustible fuel.

Soon it will support all kinds of ores and their processing.

In future mods updating.

Spoiler for ogs (At the moment):

Spoiler for or 1.9

-Porting 1.8.9 -> 1.9

Spoiler for or 1.8.9

-Return old stuff :3

Spoiler for or 1.7.10

-Carrot crushed in mushed carrot
-Potatoes crushed in mushed potatoes

-Bone crushed in bone meal

-Iron, Gold ore crushed in iron, gold dust

-Support Russian localization

-Support Chinese localization

– NEI support

-Lapiz, Emerald , Diamond , quartz ore crushed in Lapiz (10), diamond(4), Emerald(4), Quartz (10?)
-Wheat crusher in Floar

-Cobblestone crusher in sand

-Sandsnote crusher in sand too
-Gravel crushed in Flint


Spoiler for odpacks

-Yes, you can use my mod for modpacks

Spoiler for ource code

– Yes, use my code! =)

You need install – CodeChickenCore, NEI  (For 1.7.10)

Thank you all for the support ,downloading and help!