Simple XP Storage by Dark_Lizzy

This mod provides a simple and straightforward way of storing and trading your “xp”, which I will hereafter refer to as ‘mana’.

This mod adds Mana Crystals to Minecraft. They are what you use to store mana (“xp”) in.

Each Mana Crystal can store 7 mana. When a Mana Crystal has mana in it, it becomes a Charged Mana Crystal.

To charge a Mana Crystal, hold the crystal in your hand and right click. This will put 7 of your mana into the crystal. Naturally, if you don’t have 7 or more mana, nothing will happen.

To discharge a Mana Crystal, hold the crystal in your hand and right click. This will empty the crystal and give you 7 mana.

Mana Crystals can be stacked to 64 and can be carried on you and stored in chests just like any other item.

To charge or discharge a full or partial stack of Mana Crystals, hold the stack in your hand and press shift + right click.


Crafting Mana Crystals:

(1 Nether Quartz, 4 Lapis Lazuli)

Client/Server Info:

This mod will work on a client (SP) and on a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Additional Information:

  • One stack of Mana Crystals holds 448 mana. If you currently have no mana in you, this will give you 18 “levels”.
  • Three stacks plus eight Mana Crystals will give you 30 “levels” if you currently have no mana in you.
  • In creative mode, you cannot charge or discharge Mana Crystals.

A Note on Nomenclature:

Why am I calling it mana? Because “xp” in Minecraft works like magical energy rather than experience. Mana is another word for magical energy.

I call it “XP” in the title only for clarity. Everyone knows it as “xp” because that’s what Mojang called it.

To explain further:

Experience (xp) – skill or knowledge that you get by doing something.

Minecraft’s “xp” gives you no additional skill. Instead, you make magic items with it. It does not make you personally better through doing things, it only allows you to make better equipment by enhancing it supernaturally.

Mana – a generalized, supernatural force or power, which may be concentrated in objects or persons.

Minecraft’s “xp” is concentrated in you, and it is a supernatural force or power (you make magic items with it).

Therefore, a more appropriate term for it is “mana”. Other terms would fit just as well, including just simply ‘magical energy’. In fact, calling it “moj essence”, or any other imaginative name you might think of,  would be more appropriate than calling it “xp”. At least it wouldn’t make it sound like something it’s not.

I bow low to Mojang’s work, but this is one of their big bungles. It’s just not an experience system that they ended up making. And yet, that is what they called it (and continue to call it).

Calling it “xp” is a colossal misnomer!

In the end, it is what it is and you can call it what you like. I’m calling it mana.

For an actual experience system, check out MCMMO.


Thanks go out to:
Neale Gaming

Inspired by the thoughts of Rampheus as written in the comments section of my Worthwhile XP Bottlesmod page on Curse.

All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute, link instead. Ok to include in modpacks. Not for profit, including via advertizing.