SK Utilities by Squirrelkiller

A utility mod initially created for my modpacks. Created for adding my own recipes, items, and balance as needed, as well as anything else I might want done my way.


Current Features:

  • Slimeball recipe
  • Bed recipe that uses a log and 3 wool in a 2×2 grid, designed for use in packs that make the vanilla table much harder to attain.
  • Elytra recipe that still demands the player visit the end. Sorry, not going to make this easy on you.
  • Gravel to Flint recipe. 1 to 1.
  • New fishing rod recipe that greatly increases the cost of the recipe, but allowing crafting in a 4×4 grid, perfect for mods that make a crafting table harder to acquire.
  • Iron nuggets that you can turn off. Seriously, that helps way more than you might think in automation.
  • Config for all recipes. If I add it assume you can disable it.



  • Early game light source that can be acquired pre-nether to fill an entire block.
  • More recipes, as I find need of them.
  • Maybe some mobs, I might want them.
  • A way to spawn villagers into the game. I feel like this can be way too much work to do as mods really like making me need villagers these days.
  • Anything else I might think of.

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