Sky Resources by Bartz24

Sky Resources

The mod where all materials come from alchemy and technology in the sky.

2 Spawn Island Types

-Start on a bedrock platform and create your own island

-Create a sand platform with a cactus and sand

-Or create a snow platform with pumpkins

Other spawn platforms types (Dirt) will be implemented later

  Select Sky World world type for platform spawn and set spawn islands type in config. (Random or set platform)

The current spawn platform.

/platform (or whatever is set in the config)

create : Spawn a new platform. Must not already be on an island.

invite <player> : Have another player join your island. Player must not already be on an island.

leave : Leave your island. Must be someone else on the island to leave it to.

home : Teleport back to your home island. Must be at least (default: 500) blocks away.

spawn : Teleport back to spawn.

ex: /platform create

-Create a sapling from a cactus through life infusion
-Grind down rocks into sand and gravel with a rock grinder
-Combustion heater multiblocks

-Freeze snow items into tougher (and slightly more dangerous) items


-Create metal crystals through an extensive process

-Crucible to make dirty fluids
-Use Purification Vessel to get clean fluids
-Condense metal liquids into ingots
-Concentrate metal crystals into hardened stone to get ores
-Iron, gold, copper, tin, silver, zinc, nickel, platinum, aluminum, lead are default metals


-Melt down a Blaze Powder Block down into Lava

-Extract water from cactus and snow with a Water extractor

-Fluid dropper that pulls fluids from nearby tanks and places them in the world

-Plant matter for an easier recipe for dirt

JEI, WAILA and CraftTweaker support

JEI (Just Enough Items) is highly recommended for recipes.

Modpacks-Let me know when this mod is being used for public packs/semi-private packs. You don’t need permission, but I just want to know which packs have it included.

Addons-Let me know when this mod is being used for an addon. I would like to know what would be added in the addon to see if it conflicts with future plans for the mod.