Slurpie’s Dongles by Redbullslurpie

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever Minecraft mod! I am new to coding and whatnot so i will do my best to provide people with a decent mod. Any suggestions to the mod are welcome so please feel free to post in the comments below.


Also please report any issues found to here or with the issues tab on my mod page so that i may fix them. Please feel free to submit an issue with a tag of “suggestion” if you have a suggestion for my mod as well.


I highly recommend using JEI to view the recipes for crafting anything in my mod as I am not listing the recipes here.


Spoiler for odpack Permissions

You are free to use my mod in your modpack, public or private. I do ask that you do NOT make money off of this mod whether it be ads, or selling this mod as your own. Please link the mod link somewhere in your pack back to here, and give credit to RedBullSlurpie for creating the mod. It would also be nice if you would let me know in the comments if you are using my mod in your pack, as i would like to check the pack out, but is not required to do so. Enjoy.


New as of update 3.0.8 or 4/18/2016

Nether Ores added into mod

Nether Coal Ore

Nether Diamond Ore

Nether Emerald Ore

Nether Gold Ore

Nether Iron Ore

Nether Lapis Ore

Nether Redstone Ore


New Foods

Black Coffee



What my mod adds


Blue Glowstone

Gray Glowstone

Green Glowstone

Orange Glowstone

Pink Glowstone

Purple Glowstone

Red Glowstone

Sapphire Block

Sapphire Ore

Ruby Block

Ruby Ore

Topaz Block

Topaz Ore

Reinforced Obsidian


Blue Glowstone Dust

Gray Glowstone Dust

Green Glowstone Dust

Orange Glowstone Dust

Pink Glowstone Dust

Purple Glowstone Dust

Red Glowstone Dust



Topaz Handle

Time Staff(Only in the 1.9 version, will fast forward time when right clicked in your hand. Day to Night, and Night to Day.)




Pop’s Sign(A special sign I made for my grandfather who passed away, this item will most likely have no use to you unless you want to hang it somewhere like me.)


Apple Juice

Carrot Juice

Melon Juice

Melon Slushie

Pumpkin Juice

Roasted Apple



Sapphire Helmet(Wearing this item gives permanent Night Vision)

Sapphire Chestplate

Sapphire Leggings

Sapphire Boots

Ruby Helmet(Wearing this item gives permanent Night Vision)

Ruby Chestplate

Ruby Leggings(Wearing this item gives permanent Swiftness)

Ruby Boots

Topaz Helmet (Unbreakable)(Wearing this item gives permanent Night Vision)

Topaz Chestplate (Unbreakable)(Wearing this item gives permanent Fire Resistance)

Topaz Leggings (Unbreakable)(Wearing this item give permanent Swiftness)

Topaz Boots (Unbreakable)

Wearing the full set of Topaz Armor gives flight, as if you we’re in creative mode. 🙂


Sapphire Axe

Sapphire Hoe

Sapphire Pickaxe

Sapphire Shovel

Sapphire Sword

Ruby Axe

Ruby Hoe

Ruby Pickaxe

Ruby Shovel

Ruby Sword

Topaz Axe  (Unbreakable)

Topaz Hoe (Unbreakable)

Topaz Pickaxe (Unbreakable)

Topaz Shovel (Unbreakable)

Topaz Sword (Unbreakable)


Any minor things added will NOT  be listed here as of 3/21/2016. They will be listed in the change log under the new file that I’ve uploaded. It will say for example

+Added Toast

Any changes made to the mod or bug fix will be marked with a *(star) It will say for example

*Fixed Apple not smelting into a Roasted Apple

Anything removed from my mod will be marked as -(minus) It will say for example

-Removed Topaz Core


ALL changes made to my mod will now be listed in the changelog under that new version. I will no longer be posting

new items in the description to save space.


ArticDestiny: Thank you for helping me with some of the textures!

Destroyer1914: Thank you for re-creating many of my textures! You have been an amazing help to my mod, and will continue to be an amazing texture creator!

StuffTheChicken: Thanks for teaching me how to code the basics!

TheIanna: Thank you for creating some textures for me!