Souls by ChaosTheDude

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Souls is a hardcore revision to post-death inventory storage. After you die, an angry Soul that holds your inventory will spawn. Good luck!


  • When you die, a Soul spawns. It will hold your items and equip your armor if any are available. You must kill the Soul to get your items back, or you can use the Pickpocket’s Gauntlet to try to steal them back.
  • Souls will fight back if you attack them but will de-aggro after you die.
  • A Soul Identifier can be used to view information about a Soul, including the name of the Soul’s owner, the amount of time since they died, and the number of items being held. The Identifier can be crafted with a Book and an Ender Pearl.
  • The Pickpocket’s Gauntlet can be used to attempt to steal items from a Soul. If the thief fails, however, the Soul will attack. By default, the Pickpocket’s Gauntlet has a 10% success rate and 16 charges that can be refilled using Ender Pearls. The Gauntlet can be found in village blacksmith chests.
  • Souls is highly configurable in order to provide the level of difficulty that you want; you can change anything from making Souls equip the best weapons and armor in their inventory to making Souls completely passive.


  • If you intend to use this mod in an existing world, backup your world first!
  • Install Forge
  • Navigate to your .minecraft folder
  • Download the mod and place the jar file in .minecraft/mods
  • If you’ve used a different version of this mod before, delete any existing Souls.cfg files from .minecraft/config
  • Play!


Can you use this mod in your modpack? Absolutely, as long as you do not claim to own this mod or any part of this mod. I’d prefer if you cite me, ChaosTheDude, as the author of the mod and provide a link back to the mod’s Curse or Minecraft Forum page, but that’s up to you!