Streams by delvr

this mod introduces real flowing rivers, with a true current, to Minecraft. These rivers are generated in the world using custom non-decaying flowing blocks and are much larger than anything the player could create using buckets. They originate in multiple sources and flow down the terrain through slopes and waterfalls, joining together into wider rivers until they reach the sea (or the old-style sea-level static rivers, if those exist in your world).

Keep in mind this is still an alpha release. Rivers are fairly short and don’t always appear in ideal places, but this will improve in time. Please see the FAQ section below for explanations of various known issues, including tips on finding a river. Let me know of any other bugs you encounter or suggestions you may have.

Note: the vanilla Minecraft terrain generator has low average altitudes, which makes for rather flat rivers. For best results, consider using a custom terrain generator capable of higher average elevations, such as RTG (see Mod Compatibility, below).

Here’s a sample picture from version 0.2, featuring the new underground river tunnels:

(Taken using 1.7.10-0.2 seed -7776677084945245050 at coordinates 350 83 265)

Here’s a sample picture from versions 0.1.x which featured canyons instead of tunnels:

(Taken using 1.7.10-0.1.x seed -7106934795561659154 at coordinates -166 80 356)

And here’s another picture from versions 0.1.x, with shaders. (To enable shaders with Streams blocks, read the FAQ below)

(Taken using 1.7.10-0.1.x seed 395372788128706985 at coordinates 428 66 166)

Here is a mod showcase by Lextube:
Also check out ThnxCya’s Villager Boat Race Challenge!

(Note that both videos above were created in versions 0.1.x, and thus feature canyons instead of tunnels.)
Want to know more? You can find some insights about Streams in this mod review by TeronRedoran.