Tabby Chat 2 by Killjoy1221

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The main focus of this mod is to add tabs to chat and provide an API for adding messages to them. Additionally, it parses the chat for channels and PMs, then separates them to different tabs.


This can be used with either Forge or LiteLoader. The extension may be .jar, but it will work with LiteLoader unmodified.

This mod requires MnmUtils to be installed.



  • Overhauled chat box
  • Filters to manually redirect or hide chat messages
  • Movable and resizable chat box
  • Message timestamps
  • Spam prevention
  • Multi-line outbound chat messages


Upon opening chat, you will see the chat has changed dramatically. Tabs will be on the top of the chat and the text box will be on the bottom of it. Dragging the tab area will move the chat box. Right-clicking on a tab will open it’s settings. Using the default (*) tab will open the settings. Closing a tab can be done by shift clicking or middle clicking.





Apache License version 2