Talsimans 2 by Gigabit101 & Nexans

Video Review


Talismans 2 Is a sequel to Talismans.

Talismans 2 1.8 currently has Thaumcraft/Botania Support removed due to mods not being updated yet(they will return as soon as possible ).

In this new version of you can now craft Talisman with Thaumcraft or Blood Magic. These are not dependence’s and are configurable if you wish to have the same feel of the original mod.

There are now 2 different kinds of talismans, the regular talisman and the blood talisman. If you do not have blood magic installed you will only be able to access the regular talismans. The types of talismans are as follows: Mining, Movement, Flame, Light, Water, Witherless, and Invisible (Crafting soon to come) Expand spoiler to get detailed information on all types.