TechReborn by modmuss50 & Gigabit101

TechReborn is a resurrection of GregTech 4 for modern Minecraft. It brings most of GT4’s features and behaviours to Minecraft, with lots of tweaks, and a few editions. It also aims to be more compatible with other mods than GregTech, and has the ultimate goal of becoming a standalone mod, compatible with but not dependant on IC2.


TechReborn Currently adds:

  • Forge Multipart Ic2 cables
  • Quantum chest: Nearly unlimited storage for one type of item (Will keep items when wrenched)
  • Quantum tank: Nearly unlimited storage for one type of fluid (Will keep fluids when wrenched)
  • Advanced lava generator: Drains lava faster but produces more power
  • LESU: Stores more power the more Lesu storage blocks around it
  • IDSU: Stores power that can be shared between them (Think ender chest for power)
  • Multiblock Blast furnace: A multiblock required to make Steel/Titanium/Chrome .
  • Industrial Sawmill: Can turn most types of wood into 6 planks + sawdust
  • Rock Cutter: A tool that consumes power in return for the Silk tuch enchant
  • Advanced version of the Ic2 tools
  • A load of machines to craft components for these items + machines


TechReborn overwrites some recipes form other mods.

Ic2 Eg: Maccerators now require diamonds as a replacement for flint.

Buildcraft Eg: Quarrys now require diamond drills.

TechReborn is currently in an beta state.


This mod needs ic2 installed to work to its full ability. It will run without ic2. and work with RF


TechReborn requires RebornCore



  • MIT