How to Install Servers

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There are multiple ways to install servers for Minecraft Forge.

I support both the Windows Powershell and Linux scripting environments. I do not support MSDOS. Server installs are further complicated by the type of hosting environment.

Here a Custom install is where you are hosting the server environment yourself whether that be on a Windows server or a Linux server and it is assumed that you are not using Docker.

A Managed install is when you are using a hosting environment where your server is managed behind a panel and you typically do not have full ssh access. For instance you are using one of Creeperhost, Akliz, GPortal, Node, and maybe even Bisect Hosting or similar. These are all consider managed. You might even be using a specialized wrapper or software on your “custom” system which technically forces this category by its nature, such a dockerized setup whether self-imposed or via software such as Pterodactyl.

Knowing all of this I present to you the following options:

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