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Linux Server Troubleshooting

  • Make sure your Linux server has at least 2GB of ram free and at least 16mb extra for every simultaneous player that will be logged on to the game. (If you have better figures, contact me and let me know.)
  • My Linux server has 4 E3 cores running at 3GHZ apiece, it is also SSD-CACHED and typically has 50GB of HDD free. Therefore, make sure you have enough CPU cores, at least 3, running at a decent speed of at least 2GHZ each and that your HDD is CACHED in some way and has at least 10GB free for all the temp files. It’s better to match mine and you can get a cheap VPS for just this purpose via (
  • Make sure you are running the 64 bit version of Java 8, if you have more than one version and type on the system, make sure the 64 bit version of Java 8 is the standard default version, otherwise edit the script files to make sure they are running the version required for the server.
  • If you have changed out the Forge version from whatever I have included in the pack, you will have to do two things.
    1. Edit the EULA.txt and change its value from a false value to a true value, if it is already a true value, then don’t edit it. Possible values are: true & false.
    2. You will need get the universal installer version and run it headless to get the correct libraries.
  • Make sure you have screen installed.
  • I also strongly suggest not running the server as root, but you can. I use VESTA CP from to make managing my servers easier than eating pie with a fork. If you install the cpanel make sure you open up the firewall ports that you plan to use, I typically open up 25000-30000 on both UDP and TCP. That might be overkill, but I like overkill.

A Better Idea

Instead of modifying my server packs or client packs for your own specific purposes, let me know instead what you would like to see in a pack, and I’ll make a new branch to support it.


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