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Stance on Thieves in Claims

Staff: how do i check the logs to determine if anything was stolen from a base?

Kreezxil: you tell them that that’s on them because we have multiple protect based mods installed. For instance world of dragons has both FTB UTILITIES and SecurityCraft. If they make a bad decision and allow a thief to be trusted that’s on them.

Staff: the thief was on their team.

Kreezxil: yeah, nothing we can do about that
Kreezxil: nor will even try to do about it
Kreezxil: they should kick that person from their team
Kreezxil: and then hunt them down and kill them repeatedly
Kreezxil: goto my rules section and read the rules about players for players

Staff: ok.

Kreezxil: also ask this stuff in the “swimming pool” and “admin” chat channels
Kreezxil: just because you have a direct line to me, don’t use it for stuff other members know the answer too
Kreezxil: because by not asking it there then no one will learn from it
Kreezxil: and use chronolog to record your actions
Kreezxil: but, no, we don’t do banning for thievery, etc, protection mods exist for a reason. the only thing we cover is they can prove the protection mod failed
Kreezxil: but that’s gonna be a hard sell because they authorized that person to be on their team

Staff: ok.
Staff: thanks.

Kreezxil: also investigate fully before jumping the gun
Kreezxil: in all likelihood the person being accused of being a thief was the only person logging on for a month and assumed after multiple attempts that his team mates abandoned the pack and likely took what he needed to start a base elsewhere

Staff: i asked him to tell me fully what his story was. the other person wasn’t on.

Kreezxil: your investigation is far from over, you can’t make judgement until you’ve heard more sides
Kreezxil: like the other side

Staff: true. thank you.

Kreezxil: and from other team members
Kreezxil: again, it’s not for us to decide, they should have fight on the server, like kill each others, set their claims to enemy status of the other, that way they can be a warring faction