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I misspelled that on purpose and you know why!!!

I am going to attempt to recreate a daemon I was working on in the Revolution Mud days.

It will support generating rooms from a map. The rooms will not exist until explored. The map ascii values determine the room type. Objects and Mobs will be placed into the rooms and become part of the description. When players move objects or chase mobs, those same events cause the room descriptions to change.

That’s what it did, I have to rebuild at least that much.

Then I have to add the Mining and Crafting part. Mining simply means to dig or harvest what is in the room so that you are going down. You’ll obtain objects that you can use to place into the room like the other objects but dug objects will allow to basically build a mountain if you wanted too. And you can have height advantage in combat and other things.

Other features will include mobs that are capable of forming communities, growing their communities and establishing trade routes with each others. This really wasn’t possible 20 years ago, but computers are vastly more powerful now and we can achieve this relatively easily. The hard part will be writing the code.

But for now, I have made a map of the SirDude’s Gurbalib (mudlib) that we are using. This is for the main town.

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