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I’ve played this irritatingly addictive game for 2 months now called Time Clickers which is available on Steam and via their website at www.TimeGamers.com. It’s 100% free too with no in-game purchases. When you first start playing it you think that clicking with your mouse will help you but there is no way in hell that will help, and then you go in search of a program that will click the mouse for you, those that you find will tend to suck. However, before going further, it is enough to say that not all auto clickers work with all games, so some of the ones that suck for Time Clickers will be excellent for the other games and this that I’m presenting you will suck, but for this it will not. If you improve it so that it is more universal please post back with your updated scripts.

I use both an auto clicker and an auto key presser to handle the weapon upgrades and ability activation for the game. I place the mouse over the game and issue the key combinations of ^!d and ^!t where ^ is control and ! alt. This starts a really wicked mouse and key pressing extravaganza. Thanks to the scripts the game window is now more of a glorified screen saver and probably more like an aquarium in reality, it is running now but not with the scripts, else I wouldn’t be able to write this entry.

Issuing the key combo sequences will disable the features and a small dialogue will be shot up to show to you that such is the case, on the auto clicker it is advised that you wait at least 5 seconds before clicking anything or moving the mouse off of the Time Clickers screen as it uses a timer to press the mouse button and you need those to expire properly first.

autoClickerInterval := 0.01



   static Toggler

   Toggler := !Toggler

   TPer := Toggler ? autoClickerInterval : "off"

   SetTimer, ClickClick1, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick2, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick3, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick4, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick5, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick6, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick7, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick8, %TPer%
   SetTimer, ClickClick9, %TPer%






Add these to your Auto Hot Key scripts and reload as necessary to enjoy. Auto Hot Key is also 100% free!


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