Transport Defender Auto Hotkey Turret Script

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Transport Defender Automation

Transport Defender on Kongregate is an interesting idle game but it has one annoyance and that is the main turret. The main turret will take most of the upgrades in automatic turret upgrade unless you disable it via the configs in which case it will become the weakest turret.

A solution that makes it useful is to have a script that moves the mouse up and down slowly over time for you so that turret behaves similar to the other auto turrets. The advantage to a script that does this is that you don’t have to move the mouse up and down.

I have created a script that does this and further it autoclicks in the targetting window to ensure that overdrive is always active! I’ve set the movement range resoluton to 100 over 4 seconds which gives a even spread of main turret fire. By moving the mouse closer to the main turret you can cover the entire field and if you move the mouse closer to the right edge you can tighten the field of fire which is useful for the bosses.

Ahk Verticle Swipe

Put the following code in an .ahk file to be used with AutoHotkey. I’ve set the macro CTRL+T to both activate and deactivate the action. And the macro CTRL+WIN+S will suspend the script in case it gives problems.

As an added bonus I’ve added the macro ALT-SPACE to truly activate all the skills the game provides as the default SPACE key only activates skills two through eight (2-8) and not one thru 0 (1-0) as it should or says it does.


autoVertSwiper() {
      static vertSwiper
      vertSwiper := !vertSwiper
      upDown := vertSwiper ? 4 : "off"
      SetTimer, vertSwipeit1, %upDown%
        mousemove, 0, 100, 50, R
        mousemove, 0, -100, 50, R

   static Toggler2
   Toggler2 := !Toggler2

   TPer2 := Toggler2 ? autoClickerInterval : "off"

   SetTimer, Click1, %TPer2%
   SetTimer, Click2, %TPer2%
   SetTimer, Click3, %TPer2%
   SetTimer, Click4, %TPer2%
   SetTimer, Click5, %TPer2%






autoSwiperInterval := 0.01


  send, 0123456789
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