Super Secret Curse Forge Channel

Yes, there is one.

You can’t access it via a website but you can access in your Twitch Launcher. And while it has the exclusive ear of Top CurseForge developers, moderators, content approvers, it’s also loaded with the Kings Men. A cadre of suck ups that no matter what defend the CurseForge now Twitch position at all costs.

Case in Point, for 3 years now, CurseForge and now Twitch have a page in addition to FEATURING called POPULARITY. It is the default setting on both Twitch App and CurseForge pages when you initially look at addons and mod packs for your games.

However, there is a glaring issue with the POPULARITY page. It doesn’t appear to be based on a formula.

The FEATURING page is based on journalist and players at CurseForge and now Twitch taking the time to investigate submitted content and giving it a special flag if it is worthy of such a thing.

The TOTAL DOWNLOADS is a straight demographic based on downloads.

And of course you can refactor the page by game version.


What’s it based on?

… and in this one defining moment … I went back and looked at these two tiny packs that are suddenly more popular than my own and I discovered how they are doing it.

They are POPULAR solely for the reason that they don’t update very often and lots of people download them per released version. 

So the thing working against me is my extreme update cycle. If I update only once a month, i’d have easily 100k downloads per month per released version and that is simply more popular than nearly every pack out. And the thing is if that is the case, then despite my 2 to 3 day release cycle where I get 3 to 4k downloads per release I should in fact be #2 if not #3.

This will change drastically however as the World of Dragons modpack is very stable now and we’ve switched into Quest Line tweaking and development as well as Recipe Conflict resolution.

We have 3 public servers too. Supporting 2000 players each, not to mention a ton of privately hosted servers.

So the next step is to advertise the pack. And to do that I need to educate people on Java Edition Minecraft. I need videos explaining what it is and how it allows you to do modded Minecraft. I need videos explaining how modded Minecraft expands your experience in the game. And finally, in all of those videos we need to explain how it’s a step in experiencing Dragons in Minecraft.

If you already know about Java Edition then what you are waiting for install World of Dragons today by going to and using to explain it to you.

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