The Direction of WOD

A lesson learned. So after a few days of running the midwest server on the new alpha build of the pack, it is now quite clear that it was the right thing to do to remove the mods that I did to include Biomes O’Plenty. BOP is both memory hungry and bad at memory management and also appears to add lots of unnecessary overhead to the tick cycles. Also removed was The Twilight Forest, even by itself on an AMD FX8350 with 32GB of ram it leaked memory and added loads of ticks to the server cycle. Both of these mods are very hard on a server.

What is abundantly clear is that the server aside for some minor crashes do to other mods having the usual bug issues and yes they get fixed because we report on them, is that the server pack is now highly stable and that means the client pack is highly stable, and furthermore that means, yes we can support you LAN players too.

The Lesson then is for me actually to stick to my guns and don’t add any of that “popular” stuff from the 1.7.10 era, ie the fanboi mods that are all too big for the britches and have everything under the sun coded into them. Because of their grand sizes and be all that you can be to as many people as possible attitudes they lended themselves to be extremely code complex and therefore very easy to have bugs introduced that are very hard to find on a good day. And if the bug is found there is too much code to edit to make what should be a simple change.

So if you have a good concept and someone jumps on your server and says “You know what would really make this pack great?”, the answer is “You, leaving and going to another pack right?”, because what this person has done is tell you they didn’t play your pack, they have not experienced your vision or your hard work and they will only be around fleetingly.

My vision is good enough, I am good enough, and my mod choices are good enough. I support the new mod authors with their smaller and target mods.

Yes, World of Dragons is built around one of those huge mods, but it is the only huge mod from yesteryear that I will allow and Niel has done a great job of fixing the issues.

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