Twitch Changing the Game


I am not sure how to take this. But if it’s any indication of things to come and based against things that been happening the prognosis is not good.

Content creators on the Curse network have noticed their Curse Points falling over the last quarter of 2018.

This actually seems to go along with the change happening at Twitch.

And then there is this article at Curse that talks about assets on Curse being transferred to Fandom.

That certainly explains the Curse Point manipulations. Because a different entity is in charge they are trying to see how they can manipulate the formula to both allow the Rewards Program to continue and still make money on the “ad revenue” that we’ve heard that Curse had or has. Personally when I went in search of said ads I could never find them, turned off all the ad blocks and vpn stuff and not one ad would be shown to me. Even browsed as not logged in, still never seen them. No idea to this day where the magic money comes from.

And to corroborate the Curse and Fandom side of this is this staff post at Fandom:

In short, unless someone comes out says something positive about the reward program on Curse in regards to modding, I think that it is doomed. 

To that end, if you like playing on my mod packs and the free public servers that I provide please considering donating a monthly contribution to Just 150 people at $1 per month is enough to keep 3 dedicated servers running. Higher contributions allow better machines. The contributions also accumulate towards my motivation to update and fix my mods and mod packs. Granted I will do that anyways but at a much slower pace. As evidenced I tend to only update and fix the most active of my assets. Remember contributions will help me to get around to doing all of them.

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