WOD 14.6.138

Happy January 1st, 2018; and for my Hebraic brethren, Happy 4th Quarter!

Last pack I oopsed a little and put the wrong port for the central server causing some of you to think a server keeled over. Fixed that by changing the port on the server.

Today contains updates to fix some issues for instance the one with the Minecolonies’ Sawmill’s recipe system.

Finished the starting quest line for the first panel which takes you all the way through to a functioning Better With Mods saw.

Started a quest panel to explain Terracart Reloaded but also tracks and Steve’s Carts. This will be a work in progress for the next few releases.

A monster killing quest panel has been added. Rewards are decent for the amount of work you need to do. In the same panel there’s a chance to get good loot for visiting a dimension for the first time. The monster tasks are repeatable. This panel is also a work in progress.

Began adding loot tables to be used with the quest tables.

Please make all suggestions and bug reports for the quest lines and this pack at https://github.com/kreezxil/World-of-Dragons/issues.


FTB QUESTS ::>ChangeLog

JEI ::>ChangeLog


NO POLES ::>ChangeLog



Added to the Server


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