WOD 14.8.140

Laaaag! Not anymore!

Found another mod that created intense lag and that was Crystals Mod, it would typically add around 12000 tile entities per world and I assumed for w/e reason they were all being ticked. These numbers might vary with the server and implementation but yeah it was bad. Removed it and server stability is amazing now.

Configured FTB Utilities to reboot your server every 3.5 hours. Make sure it is being run in a wrapper script (something loops and brings it back online). If you’ve been following my instructions then its in one.

Also tweaked the strength of Ice and Fire mobs to not be so demonically powerful.

Massively limited the spawn rate of mobs from graves and graveyards.

Where possible told a mod that it was not allowed to attack other mobs.

In short we should have great tps and plenty of hostiles to fight!

Also the deathworm will no longer one shot you. I had this turned up because of the number of people in major version 13 that would brag about how easy the pack was when in fact it was them with their o.p. armor and weapons.

Worked on more recipe conflict solutions.

Removed External Tweaker because it no longer works right.

Removed World Generation Profiler as it too causes lag.

Changed the config for diamond glass to be more resistant to the wither. 6000 resistance isn’t enough but 12000 is!

Oops! I left out the quests from the pack. Those are back now.

Forge updated to build 2806.

We’re still having lag issues.

Got rid of the ore to nugget recipes. You were building Tinkers’ Smelters anyways to massively bypass this! Also the nugget recipes had way too many conflicts to deal with, this is the easier solution.

Resolved the issue with making planks.

Updated the following:



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