WOD 14.9.141

CurseForge wtf?

The fine folks at CurseForge kept disapproving my server pack for 14.8.140 because one of the mods that was in the pack got archived (I thought it was deleted).

Notice how they say it was removed.

I contacted the mod author and he said was simply archived. Based on conversations I’ve had with CurseForge members before, this should not have caused a rejection. Either someone is new there or the policy has changed.

Just the same the mod in question is updated, so meh, we’ll update. Plus Minecolonies updated again, and of course JEI and maybe one other. The changes in Dynamic Trees seem to address some of the massive lag issues we’ve seen lately. We will see if that is true.

Removed the map recipe that no longer works.

Because of Dynamic Trees I’ve decided to change Dragons to no griefing. Dragons digging through stuff because they get stuck is horrible as it is. Then they fly into a forest and itemize the entire thing. Lag city is what that is. So yeah, Dragons are trappable now. If you don’t like this for your worlds and you have computer with more than 8 cores at 3ghz per core and at least 32gb of ram allocated to the server, then go for it and enable that feature.

The change for dragons in regards to dynamic trees also resolves the issue with graves getting broken. So if you make dragons hard for your server your graves will break too. Keep that in mind.

Removed the world generation profile as I felt it was causing lag but was not actually removing lag like it was supposed to be doing.



JEI ::>ChangeLog





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