World of Dragons 10.4.89

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Crazy Weekend!

Took out Lingering Loot as it was killing Botania progression, but then server heap ran out because a bunch of you on the server have massive item farms. So put it back and the heap is manageable again. I set it to despawn at higher value like 45 seconds instead of 15. Make sure you have your mana charged up before making Manasteel! You were not able to connect however, because while Linger Loot is supposed to be serverside it isn’t and the client wouldn’t connect with reported “fatally missing registries” until Lingering Loot was back on the client.

Also added Dynamic Trees and conversion recipes for the seeds back to Minecraft seeds. So if you sawmill and lumberjack npcs start complaining or acting weird it’s because you will first need to plant them a proper Minecraft tree farm.

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