World of Dragons 13.2.124

Removed Grimoire of Gaia for lag reasons.

Removed Minetogether for reasons that causes some players to not even be able to initialize their clients. I think I blame this on old Windows 7 systems and old Java installs as these are both indicated on the systems that report this behavior.

I so want Coherent Villages but it has so many problems on the development side. Taken it out yet again! 🙁

Server and Players

Always make sure you are on the latest Java. Recently we’ve gotten reports from people having issues with some mods not allowing the dedicated server to startup. This was proven to be an issue an outdated Java install.

I know you guys think that running Windows 7 should not be an issue but it is, do  you not realize how outdated that operating system is? You’re not running Linux, it’s not being maintained by a cadre of elite users that want to ensure it’s stable and safe no matter how old it is, so please upgrade or switch to Linux already.

The client for this pack requires a minimum of 6GB ram to run at 30 FPS, more ram for faster speeds. Also, 90% of all FPS or client side lag, ie when the guys on the server say “We ain’t lagging” then it’s you and it’s because you don’t understand the mipmap setting. Actually nobody does, but you should set it to 0, it can be found under the video options. Here’s an explanation of why it became an issue in 1.10.2, do note that is the actual reason that players from 1.7.10 to 1.9.4 all say something broke on Forge and they can’t play 1.10.2+ packs. They don’t realize that this one setting is causing all that grief. Set it to 0 and rejoin the Minecraft world.

Thanks to boomcpg for pointing out a crafttweaker recipe issue I caused with the silverwood saplings. That’s corrected now.

Let’s talk about Mipmapping from feedthebeast

Grabbed the following updates:

BOTANIA ::>ChangeLog


MANTLE ::>ChangeLog


SIGNALS ::>ChangeLog



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