World of Dragons 14.1.133 INDEV

Data, juicy data!

The pack is showing great promise. This is more of a refactoring that a diet plan. I added about as much as I removed. However, most of are connecting straight away unlike before. The pack is surprisingly fast too. But maybe because it’s a fresh world? Or were one of those mods I removed causing mayhem?

This time around we’re going with FTB Money for the currency. The FTB Quests will provide a mechanism to earn the money and place within itself to buy stuff. Players can use the money to pay each others for services and products. That is the limit for now.

On the subject of quests, I have switched to the FTB Quest system which means we are going to rebuild the quests.


  • Better Questing and compatriots
  • Structurize
  • A bunch of configs no longer being used.
  • Crafttweaker recipes that referenced items from removed mods


FTB QUESTS ::>ChangeLog

FTB MONEY ::>ChangeLog




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