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World of Dragons 14.17.149

That Didn’t Work!



World of Dragons is available at GPORTAL and runs as the EU server there.

Adding Simply Jet Packs 2 to the pack brought with it a host of headaches. Decided to remove it and go with Iron Jet Packs instead.

And wow what a better choice that was. Iron Jet Packs automatically detected the other metals provided by the pack and added a ton of Jet Packs, you can start with wood and go through at least 12 variants.

You will want to have techreborn battery box to charge it up. The Tech Reborn equipment will accept RF power from Thermal Expansion or a solar panel.

Forge updated to build 2810.

Learned the importance for some mods like Random Patches, turns out that fixes some critical bugs in vanilla Minecraft that doesn’t give the client long enough time to connect to servers among other things.




CUCUMBER ::>ChangeLog

BED PATCH ::>ChangeLog


BETTERFPS ::>ChangeLog









Simply Jet Packs 2

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