World of Dragons 14.3.135 – Release


I worked my fingers off adding a bunch of quests to help you get started in the pack and to earn some money for the economy.

The first panel gets you started quickly because the pack now has Better With Mods installed which slows down the early game significantly.

The second panel of the quests access with CTRL+GRAVE (key left of 1 and below ESC) provides a mechanism for selling the most mundane and most accrued resources and buying them. All the quests on that page are repeatable.

The remaining panels explain my mods that I have been including but from what I could tell players were not actively using. So by introducing you to the mods in a more formal manner with a good reward attached, I suspect that I might see more use of the mods in the pack and maybe you will like the mods and ask other pack developers to include the mods.

More quest panels will come with each new release of Major version 14. I have to say the FTB Quests mod is very well thought out and extremely easy to use and manipulate. I’m really impressed.

If you can’t wait to get it!


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NO POLES ::>ChangeLog


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