World of Dragons 14.5.137

Another wipe!

Removed underground biomes as it was causing memory to get used it fast. Not entirely sure why. Getting rid of restored mob spawns and a few other things.

Since that was removed, you will have to wipe your worlds otherwise you will have huge holes in the ground to deal with.

Tweaked AbyssalCraft config by tell it to not treat demonic mobs and normal mobs. This had the odd effect of turning all passive mobs into demonic mobs, it might also had something to do with hostile mobs not spawning … oh yeah that makes sense, because all the passives were demonic in the first place.

The starting quest line now goes all the way to the Better With Mods saw. It does not yet take you into axles, windmills, gears. It does take you to the cauldron tho.

There will be more coming this week.

There still appears to be memory issue with the server. Once that is done and we figure what other mods are eating the memory, we’ll add a tech mod. Don’t make suggestions, as I’m likely to go with an obscure tech mod. So if you made one or know someone that made one that you can suggest.

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