World of Dragons 7.0.56

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The Ice and Fire Update

Finally after 3 long months the Ice and Fire mod got updated. Sadly, they didn’t just fix bugs they added new code. And new code means more bugs. I hope we don’t have to wait 3 months again. I want to take credit for pressing Alex1the1666 to update the mod. Even if it wasn’t my action that encouraged it. What I would like to encourage them to do is to release the alphas and the betas of the mods during the development cycle. Surely my players can provide better bug reports and help the mod to become awesome.

Removed block blocker because I don’t need it now if the fairy hovels have been truly fixed in Ice and Fire. It was the number one source of client crashes.

I normally don’t add the actual body of a mod’s changelog to this monologue. However, because we waited 3 months …

-Added Sirens, a new creature that spawns in oceans. Many are lured to their deaths by their beautiful songs and appearance, craft earplugs as protection!
-Added Hippocampus, a new creature that spawns in oceans. They are passive and tamed with sea sponges. They make very good aquatic mounts!
-Added Death Worms, a new creature that spawns in deserts. Ambush predators that will strike fear in every desert dweller.
-Sapphire ore is now smeltable
-Sapphire ore now drops XP when mined
-Fixed sapphire not being compatible with fortune enchant
-Fixed dragon skulls moving randomly
-Strengthened dragon armor
-Fixed Gorgon Head player cast to Zombie crash
-Cut down on cascading world lab by translating stuctures to be centered in chunks. Will still occur for village and cave generation, however.
-Fixed pixie hovels crashing the game
-Fixed dragons griefing when disabled in config
-Fixed glacier biome weight config
-Added a config option for glacier biomes
-Added a config option to disable custom main menu
-Fixed crash with MistyWorld mod
-Made dragon roars louder
-Ice dragon missing sound issue fixed
-Ice dragons can roar again
-Fixed nametags on hippogryphs not working
-Fixed pixies not dropping held item when captured
-Fixed dragons using “Shake Prey” attack through walls
-Fixed ice dragons attacking skeletons
-Fixed stone creatures still being controllable
-Fixed dragon eggs not producing dragons
-Cyclops are not undead mobs
-Fixed stone dragons from roaring
-Fixed blind cyclops turned to stone
-Dragons won’t use “Tackle” attack unless prey is out in the open
-Fixed tamed pixies stealing items
-doubled base dragon flute range
-fixed multiple hippogryph armor being equipped
-fixed baby dragons fighting
-Cyclops can only be blinded by arrows now
-Fixed gorgons spawning at half health
-Fixed silver tools not using stickWood
-Fixed dragons not eating animania foods
-Fixed tinker’s construct pickaxes not mining statues
-Fixed cyclops not spawning
-Fixed eggs not making hatching noises when hatching
-Fixed riding baby hippogryphs
-Updated Portuguese translations
-Updated Chinese translations


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