World of Dragons 7.4.60

Official Release

Forge now on build 2669

Cleaned up the config directory.

Switched to IP addresses for the servers because I’m changing out my control panel software on my main rig and don’t want you to suffer because of that.

Updated morphs

  • Added Water Allergy to bats (real bats don’t like to swim/fly in the rain)
  • Removed Water Allergy from Stone Bats (want to fly as a bat in the rain? find this guy…)
  • Corrected Fly ability for Parrots
  • Added Glide ability to Peacock/Peahen/Peachick
  • Added Ultimate Unicorn mobs
  • Added new Ice and Fire mobs
  • Added Twilight Forest mobs
  • Removed Exotic Birds mobs
  • Removed Roots 2 mobs
  • General formatting/clean-up
  • Blacklisted Ice and Fire pixies because they steal from their owners.

The ore doubling bug still exists! Don’t know what conditions are making it happen. Just enjoy it when it happens. Maybe treat it as your friends giving you special wishes because you might be in a coma!

Fixed and updated the Quest Lines.

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