World of Dragons 7.5.61

Noteable Thoughts

Added Gotta Go Fast to stop the rebounding effect that Minecraft forces on players that move too fast!

Forge now on build 2673.

Changed FTB UTILITIES config to not force my reboot schedule on new server owners. The same for the backups.

Cleaned out the extraneous scripts that I distribute.

Added Controlling to the client so we can search keybinds and find unused keys that we can assign.

Added Command Keybindings so that we can attach commands to keys.

Added Help Fixer to fix help because idiot coders break it with their untested code.

Added Security Craft because despite the two types of claiming, sometimes you need to lock things down tighter, like for instance when you are allied to spawn to create a vending shop. This way you can place your vending machine against an impenetrable wall with hole behind into the wall that gets fed by hopper from a chest. The latter of which only you have access because of the security measures.

Added Ender Storage and Ender Tanks because of the need to transport things interdimensionally.

Added The Ultimate Fanboi Mod aka Ender IO, let’s see what happens with it.

Added Storage Drawers as alternate form of mass storage and also for some of its security features.

Obviously Dragons aren’t Airships but ViesCraft Airships are!!!

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