World of Dragons – Status

Began tweaking Scaling Health on my servers and my local copy of the  client. This means that my players on the official servers experience the server side changes immediately. The next version of the pack will have the final changes implemented at release for the entire Global Community.

Note that some of you might still have an insane amount of hearts. Just enjoy that. 

The goal of this tweak is to reduce those massive heart values back down to the normal amount that one has, ie 20. Because you are never supposed to be individually more healthy than any of the mythological beasts in the pack!

Further, the intention is that you must have a party to even fight tier 1 dragon and the cyclops.

And further a Tier 5 dragon should require a complete party consisting of at least a tank, at least one aoe, and couple of ranged attackers.

All this is in preparation for the upcoming feature where dragons will be a tool to help you fight the Epic Bosses. 

On the subject of epic bosses, I have not yet found a mod that will accomplish it. I have one in mind but I’ll have to spend some time revamping it for my purposes. I’ll also need to learn how to mob modeling. My Epic Boss concept will likely occur in 2019, I do not expect it earlier.

However, I keep talking about it in hopes another developer wants to do it and so they can, that is ideal for me.

I would also like an instance mod, one where a dimension is spawned just for the purpose running a custom maze or mini-world with it’s bosses and subordinate creatures, that vanishes when completed, and is unique to the player or party activating it.

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